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Completely and effectively replaces the need for detergent!
  1. CLEANS BETTER than detergents and leaves no residue in the fabric
  2. SAVES WATER as it does not require a rinse cycle, or even hot water!
  3. Uses Revolutionary Bio-Ceramics (just like our Cerra Water Ionizer)
  4. CREATES NEGATIVE IONS in your clothes, sheets and towels
    (these are very beneficial to our health)
  7. DOES NOT POLLUTE the environment (NO chemicals)
  8. And the BEST NEWS! This fabulous technology $AVES YOU MONEY!

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Guaranteed to do 18 lbs. of laundry for 365 days.
This means it will last an average family 2–3 years!

WOW, was I amazed ~ David
"I was intrigued with the Smartklean Laundry Ball and the thought of not using detergent, so I decided to try it and gave it my toughest test. I have a hot tub that uses very dense cotton pre-filters and the only way I have ever been able to get them clean is to use bleach with hot water. After washing I hold them up to a light source to make sure there is no embedded dirt left in the cotton. I washed the filters with the SmartKlean Laundry Ball in cold water and they came out cleaner than with bleach. I have used it now with whites and very dirty jeans and I love the results. I am not only amazed, I am a convert. Thank you."

Cerra Stone CERRA STONE ~ World’s Newest Bio-Ceramic Technology ~ $59
  • Creates Alkaline Boiled Water
  • Creates Negative Ions in Boiled Water
  • Improves the Flavours and Energy of Cooked Food
  • Keeps Refrigerated Food Fresh and Speeds Thawing Time in Frozen Food
  • Enhances Energy and Mood
  • Quiets Headaches
  • Activates Chakra Centres
  • Creates Fresh Environment

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coming from your cell phones, wireless phones,
electrical appliances, computers, wi-fi and
wireless towers is a HUGE PROBLEM!
Protect Yourself from Invisible Dangerous EMF Radiation.

Wear a beautiful SHIELDITE Stone PENDANT, use a PYRAMID protector and mount a protective SHIELDITE on your CELL PHONE.
Shieldite helps protect and restore your body’s sensitive electrical system.
  • Protects adult's and most especially children’s developing brains
  • Safe and effective for the whole family
  • Shields you from hidden EMF exposure
  • Due to it’s UNIQUE MOLECULAR STRUCTURE Shieldite Stone is the ONLY substance discovered that can
    transmute damaging EMFs

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Portable 'Pulsed' Device Electro-Magnetic Frequency

Carpal Tunnel
“I wore the ‘MAD’ on my wrist for only a few minutes and my pain was reduced by 75%.” ~ Joe
“I burned my hand with a hot iron and this little device took the pain and the burn mark away
completely in 45 minutes.” ~ Christina
Herniated Disc
“This device took the pain away from the herniated disk in my neck in 2 weeks of use. I have been
able to stop taking all my pain meds.” ~ Debbie
Cancer Pain
“I have had pain from cancer below my right arm pit for a year. Within 5 minutes of using it, my pain diminished almost entirely.” ~ Suzy
Back Pain
“ My lower back pain was diminished within 2 minutes of placing the unit there.” ~ Faith
Magnetic Acupuncture

MAD-1 (Magnetic Acupuncture Device) The Ultimate Device for Pain Relief ~ Totally Affordable and There When You Need It !!!

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Fulvic Sea FULVIC SEA ~ 500 ml (1/2 quart) - $45 / 1 Liter (quart) - $80
Fulvic Sea is non-diluted, highly concentrated Kelp from Nova Scotia laced with Fulvic Acid And added Cell Food, containing 73 minerals, 22 amino acids and 13 electrolytes that are vital for our complete well-being.
Has perfectly chelated mineral micro-nutrients and essential fatty acids for greater assimilation in our bodies. Seaweed contains as much as 50 times more minerals than those from land-based plants.

Kelp is beneficial for the brain, nervous system, spinal chord, digestive tract and is therapeutic for heart disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Great for skin, nails and hair, to soften stools, and to treat obesity and ulcers.

Worldwide, all the experts agree that KELP with iodine coupled with nature’s smallest molecule, the miraculous FULVIC ACID, annihilates radiation in human and pet bodies.

1 litre (quart) value is $360 when diluted and sold as 12 months supply. Our price $80
500 ml (1/2 quart) value is $180 when diluted and sold as 6 months supply. Our price $45

Dilute it yourself! Add 4 - 6 times Alkaline Water to it. Adults need 2 tbsp. of this diluted mixture per day. Children and pets less according to approx. body weight. Store in fridge.

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Hemp Protein Powder, Hemp Oil, Liquid Minerals, Probiotics, Enzymes, Digestive Aids, Bacteria, Elimination Aids, Virus and Pathogens Defence, Hemp Seed Nut, Whole Meal Bars, etc.

All these products produced by Conscious Planet are the highest vibrational form of any living food we have found.

We recommend having Protein for breakfast. This is the best way (after a couple of glasses of Alkaline water) to begin your day. Make a smoothie of Hemp Protein Powder, Liquid Minerals, Hemp Oil (3-6-9 Essential Fatty Acids) along with berries and anything else you want to blend in (Greens would be good). Your body will love this!

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Alberta Greens ALBERTA GREENS ~ 255 grams (9 oz) - $29
                                            454 grams (1 lb)  - $45

Add this ‘Power Blend’ to your Hemp Smoothies in the morning and watch your energy soar.

Contains Organic: Spirulina, Apple, Wheat Herb, BarleyGrass, Alfalfa, Bee Pollen, Beet Root, Acidophilus, Licorice Root, Green Tea, etc.

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RIVERSONG Natural Wild Herb Cosmetics ~ $4 to $30

The Riversong Agriharmonics line of all-natural hand-made cosmetic formulations uses herbs and botanicals grown organically or wild-harvested from the British Columbia wilderness.

Relaxing and healing creams for harsh outdoor conditions, anti-wrinkle face creams, pain creams, lip balms, salves, bee propolis, bath teas and salts, skin toners, pure oils, and soap bars, containing high levels of phyto-nutrients in proprietary formulations using natural plant-based oils.  NO chemical binding agents, artificial colours, or preservatives.  Highly concentrated.  Great value as a little goes a long way.


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